Democratizing videogame controllers

Open source

Input Labs does public research on videogame controllers, and make open source (software) and Creative Commons (hardware) designs available for everyone.

Use the Reference Designs to build your own controller, or modify them for your special needs, preferences, or competitive requirements.

Do-It-Yourself, but don't do it alone

Be part of an open community to get support, to help us on future developments, or simply to share your creations.

Check our Discord, forums, and more ways to help or be helped in the Contribute section.

Accessibility meets performance

No size fits all, that's why our main approach to accessibility is to make the software and hardware open, that way people can modify the controllers their way, while we help as much as possible with resources, tools, and support.

Our reference designs cover both some disability use cases, and some convenience use cases. And serve as a baseline for players modifying the designs in either direction.

We do not make compromises, we make top-performing competitive-level controllers for everybody.

Right to repair

Something broke? worry not, just replace the faulty part with a new one.

We design hardware for easy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and for you to exercise your Right-to-Repair anytime.

Everything is open, everything is as simple as it can be, just take a soldering iron and you are ready to go.

We are actual gamers

Thousands of hours playing video games, that's our secret sauce for creating awesome controllers. Popular games or niche games, we play both.

Our devices are not designed by committee, nor the result of market studies to maximize profitability.

We stand behind our work, and use our own controllers everyday. We are passionate about them, and we hope to share that passion with you.

More about Input Labs

If you want to know more boring details about Input Labs, check our About page.