All the control in your hand

The Kapybara controller is Input Labs' second reference design, to be used with a single hand, and more focused in disability use-cases, yet it still have the same advanced gyro controls than the Alpakka.

This controller is still in the conceptual phase, actual development will start later.

If you are interested in the Kapybara controller, remember you can Contribute to Input Labs research with ideas, early feedback and more.


The Kapybara controller could be for you if:

  • It is difficult for you to use controllers designed for 2 hands.
  • You still want to use mouse, but is difficult for you to use a keyboard.
  • You still want to use mouse, but your prefer a thumbstick over WASD keys.

Overview of development

[✔] Concept.
[ ] Breadboard prototypes.
[ ] Firmware.
[ ] Printed Circuit Board.
[ ] 3D-printed prototypes.
[ ] Early public testing.
[ ] Reference designs.