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Become a tester

At present Input Labs cannot accept additional testers.

The following information is merely for reference.

Criteria and expectations

  • Testers play videogames on PC for at least a few hours per week.
  • Not required: Testers can solder and 3D-print their own devices.
  • Not required: Testers have disabilities for which testing devices could be helpful.
  • Testers would ideally join Discord #testing room, and be reasonably active on it.
  • Testers should fill in periodic surveys Input Labs may be conducting.
  • Feedback collected may be anonymized and published on Input Labs research blog.
  • Testing is a volunteering activity for an open source project, without monetary compensation.
  • Testers, as Input Labs partners, are expected to behave respectfully in chats and social media.

For the testers that cannot build their own devices

  • Testing hardware cannot be bought from Input Labs, but may be given for free.
  • Given testing hardware must not be sold nor gifted to other people.
  • If the tester have a disability, Input Labs may create devices (or parts) on demand, and ship it for free.
  • If the tester does not have any disability, Input Labs may create devices (or parts) on demand, but the tester may have bear with shipping costs themselves.
  • These requests will be evaluated case by case.
  • Please understand that our resources are limited, and getting free hardware is not guaranteed.
  • Devices should be returned to Input Labs if requested.
  • Testing hardware comes without any kind of warranty, nor responsibility for damages.