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Last update: 27 February 2023

  • LinuxGameCast (video) Alpakka - The BEST Open-Source Controller
    • "It cuts it very close to being perfect"
    • "This controller is amazing, it is the embodiment of everything that is awesome about open source"
    • "Support them! It is that easy to completely shake up the controller market"
  • SilverSeraphym (video) The Alpakka: A Creative Commons Controller
    • "Most accurate gyro control I've ever used"
    • "The best FPS experience with a controller I've ever had ... It immediately feels intuitive"
    • "It makes me move my thumbs around less, so it reduces the pain [carpal tunnel]"
  • NerdNest (video) This CHANGED MY MIND about the Steam Controller 2
    • "I want Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo to sit up and say ... these guys figured it out"
    • "I was skeptical ... but I feel like this is as good, if not better, than using a mouse"
    • "The precision when using that [dual gyro] is absolute insanity, you can't imagine how good it is"
  • Digikey Electronics (video) Favorite Projects of 2022
    • "This is a really well developed Xbox-style gamepad system"
    • "It is insanely well done"
  • fabcross (article) "Alpakka": A project to make your own open source gyro-equipped game controller
  • Hackster (article) Alpakka is an open source gamepad based on the Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Rootblog (article) A controller that you can make yourself
  • RambleCan (video) Could this be the year for controller innovation?
    • "I want to buy it. Make it a production model, and I will buy it"
    • "2 gyros could be friking great for gyro steering [racing]"
  • Raspberry (article) Build your own accessible Alpakka gaming controller
  • Yanko Design (article) This DIY game controller looks like a low-poly object taken from a video game
  • LinuxGameCast (video) Pedro still has that funky controller
    • "Spoilers: I like it a lot"
    • "This makes me want to buy a 3D printer"
    • "I love the idea of being able to print everything for the controller"
  • Hi-tech (article) Do It Yourself: Open source gamepad
  • 3Printr (article) Alpakka: Open Source Controller from the 3D Printer
  • Trend Hunter (article) The Alpakka Controller Showcases an Elevated Form and Function
  • Hackaday (article) Alpakka: A creative commons game controller
  • PiCockpit (article) Alpakka controller for the Pico

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