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Progress report #1

3 December 2022  <- Previous  Next ->

This has been a very special week, we shared our passion project with the world, and the response has been awesome!, we could not be happier.

We had an impressive amount of people visiting the website, and several new friends joining the Discord server everyday. Comments were very positive and cheerful, and seems that the project resonated with a lot of people, specially the accessibility aspect. Overall a fantastic response from the community!

Additionally some folks said they are going to build their own Alpakka controller, so we cannot wait to see the first wild Alpakkas to appear, feedback will be super effective.

As retrospective of work done this week: we consumed most of our time in "post-launch" activities, administrative stuff (boring), but also fixes to the website, and learning how to organize better the review-hardware requests we are getting.

We also made this video of Deep Rock Galactic gameplay with the Alpakka controller, rock and stone! (Become a patron and vote for the next videos).

Thanks for your support!

- Marcos and Michael <3