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Progress report #13

26 May 2023  <- Previous  Next ->

New PCB version

We released Alpakka PCB version b0.90.0 (b for board):

  • The most important change is the improvement of the touch sensing solution by increasing the granularity of the capacitance (a bigger resistor).
  • Many other improvements and fixes (release notes).

New firmware version(s)

We released two Alpakka firmware versions during the last weeks.

Firmware version f0.89.0:

  • Two new alphanumeric input methods: Glyph-stick and Daisywheel, with support of key combination and modifier keys (control, shift, alt). Those are now part of the Desktop profile.
  • Introduced quick-chat macros.
  • Introduced a shortcut to bring the on-screen keyboard (default Windows shortcut).
  • Emulation of a native gamepad home button when double-pressing the physical Home button, which allows the use of Steam Deck shortcuts.
  • Many other improvements and fixes (release notes).

Firmware version f0.90.0:

  • Support for PCB version b0.90.0.
  • Rework of the automatic touch sensitivity algorithm, and more robust touch sensing.
  • A new manual guided test procedure, to identify potential issues with the buttons or axis. (Contribution by GitHub user @tomas-pecserke).
  • Many other improvements and fixes (release notes).

Thanks a lot for the support!
- M&M <3