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Progress report #20

2 February 2024  <- Previous  Next ->

New version of 3D models

To make them fit better, we improved the gap tolerances for the conductive hex, as well as the L4 / R4 triggers. We also slightly increased the size of the screw holes, to make assembly easier.

These changes, as well as some restructuring of the STLs are part of release c0.95.0 and c0.95.1.

Minecraft video

A new video voted by the supporters in Patreon is out, playing Minecraft.

Check it out!

Boot diagnostics in firmware and Ctrl app

In order to help with the diagnosis of problems, the new firmware release f0.95.0 is now doing a quick self-check upon boot, indicating any problems with a new LED blink pattern.

If such problems occur, they easily be checked via the Ctrl app.

We also increased mouse data channel to 16 bits.

- Marcos and Michael <3