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Progress report #17

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Ctrl app

We released firmware 0.92.0 along the new Ctrl app source code for the Alpakka controller. A minimalistic app was the best approach to address the feedback from the community, and to have a simpler way to modify profiles. The app is aligned with Input Labs principles, so it is completely optional, open-source, and multi-platform.

Current features of the Ctrl app:

  • Changing controller configuration (mouse sensitivity, touch responsiveness, deadzone, protocol).
  • Performing calibration and factory reset.
  • Accessing firmware logs and help trouble shooting.

Other planned features:

  • Editing profiles.
  • Offline mode (based on PWA).
  • Input tester.

The app is accessible at and it is compatible with Windows, Linux, and the Steam Deck. (Requires an internet browser with WebUSB support).

Research with Pico-W Bluetooth continues

We are actively testing different approaches to use the Raspberry Pi Pico-W Bluetooth, with the focus on minimizing latency.

As you can imagine the Bluetooth standard is quite complex nowadays, but thanks to the help from the good folks of Blue Kitchen (creators of the Bluetooth library the Pico is using) we have been able to figure out lot of small details, and find ways to reduce the latency. We deeply appreciate their support.

Rework of accessibility DB

We streamlined the accessibility database entries, and removed fields that were more prone to interpretation. We hope that this simpler format promotes more external contributions.

Additionally now everyone can use a new form to submit entries, which is much easier than the making a Pull Request.

And finally we added 10 new entries:

Thanks a lot for the support!
- M&M <3