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Progress report #6

13 January 2023  <- Previous  Next ->

Sending Alpakka to further reviewers and testers

There has been plenty of printing, soldering, assembling, testing, packaging and shipping.

We had many request from various channels, eager to review the Alpakka.

Some of our testers are now also able to order kits, testing our shopify setup as part of the process of providing Alpakka kits.

Fixed infinite calibration issue

Some users alerted us to a bug that resulted in continuous, repeated self-calibration of the Alpakka.

This issue was fixed in the latest firmware release.

Adjustable touch threshold

In order to support the use of different conductive filaments we made the touch threshold adjustable. The default is still 5 μs, which we found works very well with conductive filament from Protopasta.

If you are experimenting with other conductive filaments, you may want to adjust the touch sensitivity.

This is also part of the latest firmware release.

- M&M <3