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Progress report #5

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First batch of testers

We reviewed and accepted our first batch of testers (in addition to the friends and family we used previously). Currently we are setting up and testing the process, as well as the logistics for distributing hardware for those testers who need it.

Based on the information provided in the questionaire:

  • about 30% of the accepted testers have a disability
  • more than 35% will receive free Alpakka controllers
  • about 30% are interested in Kapybara

Thank you very much for your interest!

Printables and Thingiverse

We created groups for our Alpakka designs on Printables and on Thingiverse.

This should make it considerably easier for people to find those designs, mix them up, and provide feedback.

Some stats

Our Discord community has now grown to more than 200 participants, and the activity is great!

We also have now more than 250 subscribers on YouTube.

Thank you very much!

Enjoy the new run-around-the-sun celebrations!

- M&M <3