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Progress report #4

24 December 2022  <- Previous  Next ->

Blender individual files

Blender 3D models are now properly split in smaller files (one file per part) as for example:

  • case_front.blend
  • case_back.blend
  • buttons_abxy.blend
  • trigger_r1.blend
  • thumbstick.blend
  • etc...

Then all these files are linked from the top level alpakka.blend file.

So now for example if someone wants to edit the thumbstick to make it taller, it can be done just by opening the thumbstick.blend file, this lowers the entry barrier for making simple mods, and will simplify the Pull Request review process.

Le Petit Alpakka

We made several iterations of le petit Alpakka keyring, which is a reward for supporters on Patreon. We are testing these in our own pockets for a few days, and they will be ready soon for shipping to patrons.

We had the Input, now we got the Labs

We are very glad to announce that we are moving our improvised home labs to a proper working space at Maria 01, which is a startup campus at Helsinki. While we embrace working from home, having 3D-printers at home making noise 24 hours per day is not very nice.

Moving to Maria 01 will let us to setup dedicated space for our 3D printers, permanent soldering area, storage for materials etc..., and additionally we could set up a testing area for our neighbour videogame developers to try our controllers.

The actual lab space is not very big, but we already love it.

Accessibility database

Patrons voted these new 4 entries for the accessibility DB:

Additionally there is now a stats page with aggregated data from all games.

Have a nice solstice celebrations!

- Marcos and Michael <3