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Progress report #3

17 December 2022  <- Previous  Next ->

Firmware easter egg

A new version of the Alpakka firmware has been released 0.86.1, with an easter egg for patrons, which is one of the Patreon rewards. We could explain how it works and what it does, but where would be the fun then?

Become a tester

We also put in place the guidelines and expectations to become a tester, and how to apply. With this program we aim to gather much more feedback about the devices, specially from gamers with disabilities, giving them hardware free of cost if necessary. This is going to be a significant expenditure for Input Labs, and we may not be able to do it forever, but no one said democratizing videogame controllers will be easy nor cheap.

Gameplay video

And finally, our wonderful patrons voted Doom (2016) for a gameplay video with the Alpakka controller.

Thanks for your support!

- Marcos and Michael <3