The open source firmware for the controller, for the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Compiled builds with the latest version are also available.

Alpakka firmware source codeGitHub
Alpakka firmware latest buildsGitHub

Printed Circuit Board

The main board where all the buttons, gyro, thumbstick, LEDs and most other electronics are.

Read the documentation about making an order from PCB manufacturer companies, or get it directly from us.

Alpakka PCB KiCad schematicsGitHub
Alpakka PCB ready-to-order filesGitHub
Alpakka PCB (Partially soldered)Input Labs shop
Alpakka PCB (Fully soldered)Input Labs shop

Case and buttons

The front and back part of the case, buttons, triggers, and everything else.

Blender project with source 3D modelsGitHub
STL and M3F files for 3D printingGitHub
Front caseInput Labs shop
Back caseInput Labs shop
Buttons setInput Labs shop
Conductive hexagonInput Labs shop

3D printer filament

Selected premium filaments from different manufacturers, that we tried and recommend.

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a biodegradable material usually made from corn waste, popular for 3D printing due to its low melting temperature and strength.

Prusament PLA (in many colors)Prusa shop
Protopasta PLA ConductiveProtopasta shop


This includes the micro-controller, as well as through-hole components. Those are usually not soldered by the PCB manufacturer, so you may want to solder them yourself, and later you may even want to to replace worn components. See specs.

Raspberry Pi PicoMouser shop
Thumbstick (1x)LCSC shop
Directional hat (1x)LCSC shop
Rotary encoder (1x)LCSC shop
Forward buttons / shoulders (2x)LCSC shop
Trigger buttons (4x)LCSC shop
Electronics set (all included)Input Labs shop

Bolts and nuts

M2.5 bolts and nuts to hold the case together, and as pivot points for the triggers.

M2.5 DIN-912 Hex-socket 12 mm (2x)Reference
M2.5 DIN-912 Hex-socket 25 mm (6x)Reference
M2.5 DIN-934 Hex nut (8x)Reference
Alpakka bolts set (all included)Input Labs shop

Developer kit

Basic tools required for hacking the Alpakka. For more details check Alpakka's Developer manual.

Links for reference, components with the same specs from other shops will also work.

USB to TTL serial cableAdafruit shop
JST PH 4-pin cableAdafruit shop

About sourcing from Input Labs

By getting some of the components and materials directly from Input Labs Distribution, you help us to continue doing the research we do, and to keep releasing awesome open-source and accessible controllers for everybody.

Also, it increases your charisma by 10 points.