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Common problems

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Flight (soon)
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PCB development (soon)
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Order a Printed Circuit Board

PCB sources

The PCB schematics and layout are available at Alpakka PCB repository, along with the consolidated order files for the reference design.

We recommend to use a PCB prototyping service such as JLCPCB, which manufacture cheap PCBs in low quantities, with the option to solder a good assortment of SMD (Surface Mount Devices) onto the board. Though is possible to use any other service of your preference.

Order from a PCB prototyping company

The steps to order a PCB from JLCPCB are:

  1. Get order files (.csv and .zip) from Releases, or by creating them yourself. (TODO PCB development page)
  2. Go to JLCPCBOrder now
  3. Upload gerber files:
  4. Wait until gerber files are processed.
  5. Change Remove Order Number to Specify a location
  6. Enable PCB assembly section.
  7. Change PCBA Qty to desired number of PCBs with assembled components (minimum is 2).
  8. Change Tooling holes to Added by Customer
  9. Go to next page.
  10. Upload BOM and CPL files: jlcpcb_bom.csv and jlcpcb_cpl.csv
  11. Validate components (it could happen that some are sold out, and you may want to cancel the order).
  12. Continue to checkout.

The minimum order in JLCPCB is 5 PCBs with 2 of them having front SMD components soldered on it. Which is a bit of a waste, but the 3 extra raw PCBs can be used to practice soldering if needed.