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What is a profile

The active profile in the controller determines how the controller reacts to your input, and which actions will be sent to the computer.

The firmware comes with a few built-in profiles that are carefully crafted for different game genres or activities (eg: FPS, or Racing). So hundreds of games of similar genre do work perfectly with the same profile.

Select the active profile

The active profile is changed by holding the Home button and pressing a Directional pad .

Notice how the LEDs on the controller indicate which profile is active, and the direction of the LED matches the direction of the D-pad.

After selecting the most fitting profile for a game, the buttons will never match 100% with your preferences, instead go to the in-game settings and change the key binds as you like, just as you would do when using a keyboard and mouse.

These are the built-in profiles:

Active while holding Home button
Hold Home +
D-pad up

FPS Fusion
(Hold D-pad)
Hold Home +
D-pad right

(Hold D-pad)
Not available yet
Hold Home +
D-pad down

Console Legacy
(Hold D-pad)
Hold Home +
D-pad left

(Hold D-pad)
Not available yet

(Some of these profiles are still being developed or waiting for more feedback).

About the home button

Holding the Home button, makes the Home profile temporally active (until release). Showing all the LEDs on. This allow to switch profile and access additional functions of the controller.

Double pressing the Home button, makes the button to behave as the native gamepad home button. This allows for example to bring Steam Big Picture overlay.

Double-pressing and holding the Home button, makes the Console Legacy profile temporally active (until release). Showing all the LEDs off. This allows for example to use shortcuts in the Steam Deck.

Create or edit profiles

While most of people won't need to tinker with profiles, we understand that some players will have to, either because physical constrains or because very specific niche games. So we made possible to edit profiles directly in the Ctrl app.