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Progress report #11

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Beta version with alphanumeric input methods

As a continuation of the research on alphanumeric input, we now implemented an early version of some input methods (Glyph-stick, Daisywheel, 8-slot quick chat macros, and on-screen keyboard shortcut) and released it as Firmware 0.89.0-beta.

We also published a demo video showing how to use these.

We hope to get plenty of feedback from the community to iterate over these.

Automated firmware build with GitHub actions

GitHub is now automatically building changes on the main branch and creating the final .uf2 firmware file as part of our CI/CD, which will integrate automated testing later.

We are also able to build any branch or tag, triggering it from the GitHub web UI, which is useful for releasing beta versions like the one above.

Previously we did it locally, which required additional testing just to be sure there was no human error.

Additionally now everyone can verify the metadata.txt file in the build artifacts, and check the hash and job URL:

This firmware build was automated



$ shasum alpakka.uf2


Rolled out first feedback questionnaire for testers

We are getting feedback from official Testers regarding the process of building an Alpakka controller, sourcing the components, and the DIY experience in general.

The questionnaire enables us to gather feedback in a more structured manner and work on improvements accordingly.

New kits in the shop

We introduced new articles in the Input Labs shop. The new articles are:

  • 3D-printed front case.
  • 3D-printed back case.
  • 3D-printed buttons.
  • Soldering stand in recycled PLA.
  • Electronics components set.

Offering 3D-printed parts gives people without access to 3D-printers a fallback to obtain those parts, directly from the people with the most experience in printing these ;)

The parts are available in multiple colors, and we may introduce additional colors later.

Thanks a lot for the support!
- M&M <3