Alpakka manual

DIY & Hardware


Common problems

Soldering problems (soon)
Parts fitting (soon)
Touch detection (soon)


Flight (soon)
RTS (soon)


PCB development (soon)
Case mods (soon)


OS setup


The current reference design is not wireless yet, so it requires a USB cable (USB Micro-B) to connect it to the computer.

Operating system

This device is compatible with Windows and Linux, and does not require to install any driver.

The controller can be configured in Tune settings to match your operative system, the options are Windows (default) or GNU/Linux.

Mouse sensitivity in the operative system

It is recommended to set the operative system mouse sensitivity to its default value, and to disable mouse acceleration:

WindowsGNU/Linux with GTKGNU/Linux with KDE
  • Open Settings app.
  • Go to Devices tab.
  • Go to Mouse page.
  • Set Mouse pointer speed to default (half way).
  • Open Settings app.
  • Go to Mouse and Touchpad tab.
  • Set Mouse Speed to default (half way).
  • Open Settings app.
  • Go to Input Devices tab.
  • Go to Mouse page.
  • Set Pointer speed to default (half way).

  • Go to Additional options.
  • Go to Pointer options tab.
  • Disable Enhance pointer precision.

  • Open gnome-tweaks app (install it if necessary).
  • Go to Keyboard and Mouse tab.
  • Set Acceleration Profile to Flat.

  • Set Acceleration profile to flat.